Performance @ Art Basel Miami (photo: J. Ulloa)


Swimming With Manatees and Mermaids, 2013 recorded with James McMurray(drums), Mike Hamilton(audio engineering), and Jess Ulloa(backing vox)

Jebbie Is A Genie (version 2) 2013, recorded with James McMurray (drums), Ryan Turk (audio engineering)

Jake, The Helicopter Pilot (version 3) 2010, recorded with Nate Hoff(Bass), Joe Kapcin(drums), @ Bay 3 Studios

Mute The Commercials 2014, recorded with James McMurray(drums) and Ryan Turk(additional guitar, audio engineering)

The Lykke Li Show(full band version) 2010, recorded with Nate Hoff(bass), Joe Kapcin(drums) @ Bay 3 Studios

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