Air Quality Flag Project

Mikey painted flags to help people understand the color-coded air quality system.  Each day, the air quality index is calculated and the corresponding flag is installed.    

From 2014-2017, Mikey worked with artists and scientists through a special program at Utah State University to create conceptual projects that integrated the arts with Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.  Projects ranged from interactive art installations to experimental data visualizations.

Mikey Kettinger SAGA Portfolio Gifts From Atheists

Link to Salt Lake Tribune article on ‘Gifts From Atheists, Mormons, and Muslims’

ABOUT 37,000       Interactive Art Installation 

Scientists Peter Howe, Matto Mildenberger, Jennifer R. Marlon, and Anthony Leiserowitz recently published Yale Climate Opinion Maps, which shows a variety of Americans’ perceptions of scientific information.

 Their survey estimates 37,058 adults in Cache County believe “global warming is happening”.

 Karl Malone, who is 2nd all-time leading scorer in NBA history, and played for many years with the Utah Jazz, scored 36,928 points in his career.

About 37,000 invites viewers to play basketball while interacting with a video projection of video art with scientific information that is relevant to their community.



USA Merch   AKA “Closet Patriotism”

Interactive Art Installation

USA Merch 

An ongoing project documenting all USA Themed objects for sale, collecting data on manufacturing countries of USA Themed merchandise.

This project exists in physical hands-on installations, as well as photo documentation on social media sites.




Idle Sounds   

Interactive Art Installation

Idle Sounds is a hands-on project that invites viewers to participate by manipulating sounds of breathing to simulate the impacts of air pollution on humans’ ability to breathe.

The installation materials include speakers with field recordings of idling car engines + looping sounds of human breathing, which is changed by guitar effects pedals.

TV Commercials Translation   

Interactive Art Installation

TV Commercials Translation Project is a hands-on (participatory) project that invited viewers to watch commercials and write the messages of the commercials onto paper, and then to collectively create a community art installation of many “translation drawings”.

This project has existed in several iterations, including versions that feature 100′ public video projections of recorded interpretations of commercials: “Buy Fast Food”, “Buy Luxury Car”, etc.


TV Commercials Translation Projection @ Block Festival, Logan, UT

TV Commercials Translation Project @ Moments Festival, Ogden, UT


Art Installation

Scientists Peter Howe, Matto Mildenberger, Jennifer R. Marlon, and Anthony Leiserowitz recently published Yale Climate Opinion Maps, which shows a variety of Americans’ perceptions of scientific information.

The Yale Climate Opinion Maps study indicates that 62% (LXII in Roman Numerals) of adults in Cache Valley believe ‘global warming will harm future generations of people a great/moderate amount’ and ‘global warming will harm plants and animals a great/moderate amount’.

Inside the greenhouse, there is video showing a member of a future generation, struggling plants, and unnatural air.

Additionally, a hose runs from the exhaust pipe of a car into the greenhouse. Deliberately pumping one’s direct environment full of exhaust fumes is a common method of committing suicide.


Free Sunflowers   

Interactive Art Installation


For this project, I planted, gardened, and harvested dozens of sunflowers and installed them in a vase with a label, “Free Sunflowers for People you Care About

In documenting the piece, I collected data on the interaction with the piece.  In a 30 minute span, 88 people walked by the piece, 4 stopped to spend a few seconds looking closer, and 1 person took a flower.

Ultimately, 37 sunflowers were taken over 2 weeks


Observers of Violence   

Video Art Installation


Observers of Violence is a video portrait of three individuals who are watching a montage of graphic and violent videos.  The video portrait is projected onto the surface of a painted map, and shows these individuals’ reactions to the violence they witness.

Who Should I Vote For?   

Interactive Art Installation

This series of projects invites viewers to participate by writing on a scroll of receipt paper to express their feelings about who to vote for, as well as how they feel about Donald Trump.  It was installed at Utah State University for one month before after the election of Donald Trump, first inviting suggestions on who to vote for, then inviting participants to record feelings about the election of Donald Trump. Hundreds of responses were recorded, with participants representing a diverse range of viewpoints.


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