Mikey’s mixed-media paintings integrate water and oil-based mediums to create playful, impressionistic, surreal scenes and conceptual pop portraits that invite you to wonder what is going on in each piece.  His paintings have been shown in museums, galleries and public exhibitions since 2006.

Current Price Formula= 50 Cents per Square inch (8×10″ painting costs $40)

‘Flying Treehouse’ 

‘Walking on Clouds No. 1’

‘Flying Tree’

‘Chasing Enough Money’

‘Walking On Clouds No. 2’

‘Must Move On’

‘Flying Shark No. 1’

‘Dream House No. 1’

‘Dream House No. 4’

‘Dream House No. 3’

‘Falling Money Skyscape’


‘Transcend Your Idols’

‘Basquiat as Magritte’ 

‘Jake, The Helicopter Pilot’s Dream’

Detail from ‘Jake, The Helicopter Pilot’s Dream’

‘Wave Tree’

‘Neighborhood Buddies’


commissioned South Carolina landscape

Commissioned Colorado Landscape mixed media painting

Commissioned Hawaiian Landscape mixed media painting 

Commissioned Canadian Landscape mixed media painting

Commissioned Colorado landscape

Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood’

Detail fromBeautiful Day in the Neighborhood’ 

Detail from ‘Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood’ 

‘Teknacolor Ninja’

‘Lefty Wonders’

‘Flourishing Underground’

‘Stereo Building’